Painted Sign

Graffiti is not uncommon along the Middle Fork road, but it’s rare that it’s done so elaborately and results in such a cryptic message. Between the USFS and others, defacement of signs, bridges, trees, rocks and other objects doesn’t remain in place for long. That’s a good thing because graffiti contributes to a perception of disorder and permissiveness, and that can be reversed by timely removal.


Around New Years day of 2014 vandals removed the sign board, spray painted the frame in two shades of blue and painted the enigmatic word “Tree” along with an arrow pointing to the right.


Within two weeks of being vandalized, the graffiti has an obscuring layer of paint

This particular sign board has been in place since 2011, featuring several different messages all related to fire prevention.

Before the fall of 2011, this location had a simple “No Target Shooting” sign. The new sign allows for a changing message, in this case “A Beautiful Forest Is A Matchless Sight”


A year after this sign board was erected it got a new message — “Wanted, Your Campfire DEAD-OUT”


The third message on this board appeared in the spring of 2013 — “Protect And Enjoy Your National Forest”