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Mine Creek bridge improves river access

This week the DNR installed a new bridge over Mine Creek at the Island Drop* kayak launch. This is part of the implementation of the Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Plan approved in March 2015.

December 9, 2015 update: The railing on the new bridge was damaged by a tree falling across it during an early December storm.


New Mine Creek bridge


New Mine Creek bridge. Kayakers in background are preparing to put in.


Project description on other side: To construct a trail bridge across Mine Creek to access a kayak put-in spot in an eddy on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

While the creek is not large and most of the year it’s easy to simply step across it, especially by kayakers prepared to be fully immersed in the river, it regularly accumulated a haphazard assembly of logs and other debris to make the crossing easier. That should not be a problem now except when the river is at flood stage and the whole Mine Creek area is under water (see Jan 2015) photo below.

Mine Creek crossing, Feb 2011


Mine Creek crossing, Jan 2012


Mine Creek crossing, Jan 2014


Mine Creek crossing, Nov 2014


Mine Creek crossing, Jan 2015 flood


Mine Creek crossing, May 2015


Mine Creek crossing, Aug 2015

Reference: Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Plan PDF document

* The name Island Drop was originated by kayakers before 2006 when there was an island in the river just above the bend by the road. It was completely washed away in the November 2006 flood. Perhaps a better name is appropriate 10 years later.