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King County OKs paving

The King Countys DNS (Determination of NonSignificance) announcement follows the Federal Highway Administration’s FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact), which was released in June, and is another necessary step before work gets underway. Gotta love those government acronyms! The document includes a slightly more concrete statement about when construction will occur.
“The project construction will take approximately 2.5 years between February and December subject to weather and timing restrictions to protect wildlife. It is anticipated that the project will be advertised in the fall of 2013 and that construction would begin in April 2014. The exact construction timing or schedule will be determined by the contractor.”

Nitpick: The indicated location of the three bridges to be? replaced are incorrect on this King County map. They are correct in the FONSI materials.

New Mailbox trail

Work on the trail is progressing steadily. As of July 19, 2012 the Bobcat was up to ~2000′ with the cutters about 1/4 mile ahead of that.


Map of Mailbox Peak progress


New Mailbox trail


New Mailbox trail, beyond the Bobcat, just cutters


Old Mailbox trail

Pratt connector connects

The Pratt Connector trail construction is roughed in all the way to the connection with the Pratt railroad grade. In this section a new trail has been blasted into the rock buttress where the old one dipped below it.


New trail blasted from the rock


Old trail passing below the rock buttress​


Map from Pratt River Connector proposal

Download PDF
PDF archive of maps from Pratt River Trail Connector #1035 Relocation

Daylighting Bessemer road


​Trucks are rolling

Wisdom Earthworks, the Bessemer talus mining operation, is clearing a 20′ swath of trees from the edges of the Bessemer road, a process known as “daylighting”. The proceeds from the sale of the timber go to the Mount Si NRCA as stipulated by the Three Lakes land acquisition.

​Not just saplings!


​Bessemer road after daylighting