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Ice Circle by the Big River Bridge

An unusually large example of an ice circle formed just downstream of the Big River Bridge on Saturday, January 7. Large ice circles like this are relatively rare, especially so on the Middle Fork river where cold temperatures don’t usually persist long enough for ice to form on the river. The photo below was taken by a frequent visitor to the valley. More photos and videos are on Kaylyn Messer’s blog.

Ice Circle

Ice circle just downstream of the Big River Bridge. Photo by Bill Davis, all rights reserved.

Ice Circle spinning on Middle Fork Snoqualmie River from Kaylyn Messer on Vimeo

Word spread around North Bend and during the afternoon dozens of vehicles drove to the bridge to see the phenomenon despite the 25° weather

The last hard freeze in the Middle Fork valley occurred in December, 2013 but even though a skim of ice formed at the same spot in the river no ice circle was reported. Photo by Bill Davis


Ice caused the TANW1 river gage just downstream of the bridge to stop functioning for a few days

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