Mailbox Switch

The 11th transition of the mailbox on Mailbox occurred between Christmas 2013 and New Years 2014. This has become a regular back and forth contest between the majority of people that think the mailbox-on-Mailbox is fun and a few that think it somehow diminishes the summit. If you are in the latter camp, be aware that when the mailbox was removed, there were three parties on the trail to replace it on December 29. The first one up placed theirs, then on the way down alerted the others that the mailbox had already been restored and they could lighten their load and enjoy the hike without hauling a new mailbox to the summit. That means the peak was mailbox-less for less than 4 full days.


Missing mailbox on Christmas afternoon, photo by Russ Kula


5 days later … new year, new mailbox

The new mailbox was placed in pristine condition, but within a day the cryptic epigram “DBT 4962” was applied to the door. If you know what that means, email me!