Wing suit jumper missing

On January 3, 2013 Kurt Ruppert, a Florida wing suit enthusiast, jumped out of a chartered helicopter hovering over Mt Si at 6500′ to begin another of his over 1000 thrilling jumps. It was the last time anyone ever saw him. Two companions jumped just before him and were waiting in the landing zone, but did not see him jump, or see his chute deploy. The Mount Si trailheads were closed to function as a base for Search and Rescue operations. About 145 searchers covered a 9 square mile area on the flanks and cliffs of Mount Si for 4 days before concluding that it was unlikely Kurt had survived, given the cold conditions and lack of contact from him. The story drew national coverage because of the sensational nature of the sport and the suspense over whether Kurt had survived. Messages of grief and condolence convey the tragedy of this accident.
Kurt Rupport Jr

Kurt Ruppert Jr

SMR Mt Si search

Mt Si search below west side cliffs – photo by SMR

SMR Mt Si search

Mt Si search – photo by SMR

SMR Mt Si search

Mt Si search, behind the haystack – photo by SMR

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    Lower three photos courtesy of Seattle Mountain Rescue.