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Mailbox parking lot opens

As of July 1, 2013 Mailbox Peak hikers can start using the new parking lot on weekends and holidays from 7am to dusk. Don’t know when dusk is? It will be posted on the gate so you will know ahead of time what time to be back to your car. The hours are limited to prevent late-night partying — city (North Bend), county (King) and state (DNR) budget crunches prevent frequent patrols of the parking lot.

As at many easily accessible trailheads, vandalism continues to be a problem. Cars parked along the road experience regular breakins, most often the less busy days (Monday through Thursday) when the perpetrators are likely to be alone long enough to avoid detection. Never leave valuables in the car while hiking.

This gallery captures a series of steps in the construction of the new parking lot. Enjoy the restrooms!

More construction photos in this August 2012 post.

Granite Creek bridge railings

An old deteriorating log stringer bridge crossing Granite Creek was pulled out last year during the DNR road-to-trail conversion of the Granite Lakes trail last fall. Concrete pads were poured for a pedestrian bridge that will sit far above the creek even at high water, but it will not be installed until this fall, or possibly spring 2014. In the meantime, a temporary bridge constructed from pieces of the old log stringers was put into place. Last winter it was at times a hazardous crossing, especially when icy. Now railings have been added which should provide for a secure crossing until the new bridge arrives.

New railings for a safer crossing

New railings for a safer crossing (photo by bikejr)

Temporary stringers immediately after trail conversion

Temporary stringers shortly after trail conversion

Top is flattened, but still hazardous when icy

Top is flattened, but still hazardous when icy (photo by Richard Perkins)

old crossing

2012 creek crossing on old log stringer bridge


2012 view of old bridge from below

Mailbox parking lot

DNR begins construction of the new Mailbox Peak parking lot.


Building a solid shoulder for 2 lane access to the parking lot


Many trucks coming and going


Later the same day the shoulder has been built up to the level of the former single-lane road


View toward the new Mailbox parking area

Granite Lakes road-to-trail

The Granite Lakes road-to-trail conversion is underway, with work currently being done on the road segment between the Granite Lakes fork and where the Thompson Lake trail took off. A large excavator is digging up the old road bed and removing culverts, leaving a roughed-in trail instead of a road. It will take a number for years for vegetation to re-establish itself along this trail, but it’s currently mostly willows and slide alder that will come back fast.


Segment being converted


Fresh road-to-trail conversion


‚ÄčLarge excavator used for heavy work


Green carpet underneath alders

New Mailbox trail

Work on the trail is progressing steadily. As of July 19, 2012 the Bobcat was up to ~2000′ with the cutters about 1/4 mile ahead of that.


Map of Mailbox Peak progress


New Mailbox trail


New Mailbox trail, beyond the Bobcat, just cutters


Old Mailbox trail