Green Mountain

Green Mountain area

DestinationsMilesGainElevationTrail or Route
Absolute Last Promontory3.5+2360, -180840 to 3000via Sitka Spruce Trail
Green Mountain SE ridge1.0+18003000 to 4824via SE ridge from Absolute Last Promontory, steep, no trail
CCC road West Gate to Bessemer Road Gate6.5+400, -7001300 to 930Mostly gradual downhill after climb in the first mile
CCC road West Gate to Middle Fork road MP 10.18.6+900, -12001300 to 970Full length of CCC road. Not all shown on this map.
Sitka Spruce Grove0.5flat840Big trees close to road
Moolock Peak--4965Multiple routes, all off trail.

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